Our Love Story

"Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it."
- Song of Songs 8:6-7

Who says no to a guy petting puppies?

Leah does. Taylor and Leah met at a home show while they were both promoting their separate house painting franchises in Colorado Springs. Leah was a freshman at the University of Denver, and Taylor had just transferred to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Another franchisee walked Leah and her friend over to the puppy booth where Taylor was a hit with the fluff balls. After introductions, Taylor clapped his hands together, looked straight at Leah’s friend, and the very first thing he ever said to her was, “Is this your boyfriend?” 

Although his bluntness originally put-off Leah, they soon saw each other again at training sessions. He started to win her over with cute antics and vouching by a school friend, but the kicker was when he offered to drive her home from Fort Collins to Pueblo. Leah didn’t have a car at the time. He brushed it off as easy, saying that Woodland Park (a place Leah had never heard of, and we know how she is with directions) was a short drive away. 

On the way home, both hungry, the simple question of “Take out or sit down?” turned into a magical first date that led to a string of others. Before they knew it, their love story was blossoming along with their entrepreneurial careers, enough so that in a few short months they entered a contractual agreement to stay together for another year – not a marriage, no, a co-franchise agreement. Nice and traditional.

Coming from completely different backgrounds, their relationship is the joy of their lives. They’ve owned franchises together, graduated university in different cities, lived in opposite time zones for a year, found jobs in the same city (even for the same company), bought a house, adopted a puppy (Shavano will be the flower girl!), started a business, and, above all, always been there for each other.

We’ve been through a lot and have cherished every moment. God has blessed us with many experiences over the last 5+ years, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us!

Taylor Watters

♥ Woodland Park, CO
♥ The oldest of one brother and two amazing parents
♥ Loves change and learning new things
♥ Thinks they'll have all girls
♥ Night owl
♥ Better at keeping a secret
♥ Made the first move

Leah Collier

♥ Pueblo, CO
♥ The second-to-youngest of two sisters and two brothers and an amazing mother
♥ Steady, warm, creative
♥ Thinks they'll have two girls and a boy
♥ Early bird and heavy dreamer
♥ Most likely to get lost
♥ First to say "I love you"

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